《Going Home》——Sophie Zelmani

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歌名:going home

演唱者:Sophie Zelmani

所属专辑:A Decade Of Dreams

介绍:当前奏响起就注定喜欢这首歌曲了。听过王菲的《乘客》的话,定会对这首歌曲的旋律很熟悉。“Dreams will keep me young”一直没忘记自己心中的那个梦想,为了梦想开始努力奋斗吧,万事开头难,吃点苦算得了什么。用这首歌安抚下自己疲倦的心吧。



Not very often have we met
But the music’s been too bad
Can only sense happiness
if the music is sad

So, I’m going home
I must hurry home
Where a life goes on

We’re too old to make a mess
Dreams will keep me young
Old enough to stress
Only mirrors tell the time

So, I’m going home
I must hurry home
So will my life go on

Yes, I’m going home
Going home alone
And your life goes on


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