Leonard Cohen-《Suzanne》[无损/320k]富有诗性的民谣

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演唱者:Leonard Cohen(莱昂纳德·科恩)

所属专辑:The Songs of Leonard Cohen


莱昂纳德·科恩(Leonard Cohen),飘泊在现代都市的游吟诗人,来自寒冷然而富有浓厚欧洲气息的加拿大小城蒙特利尔,英国文学是他的专业。




Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river 苏珊将你带去她河边的小屋
You can hear the boats go by 那儿你能听见屋外小船经过
You can spend the night beside her 你能伴着她度过黑夜
And you know that she’s half crazy 你知道她是有点儿疯狂
But that’s why you want to be there 但这正是你想呆在那儿的原因
And she feeds you tea and oranges
That come all the way from China 她给你喝中国来的茶 吃中国来的桔子
And just when you mean to tell her 当你正想告诉她
That you have no love to give her 你没有爱给她
Then she gets you on her wavelength 她却将你揽入怀中
And she lets the river answer 让河流告诉你
That you’ve always been her lover 你是她永远的爱人

And you want to travel with her 你愿和她一起旅行
And you want to travel blind 到处游走
And you know that she will trust you 你知道她把心给你
For you’ve touched her perfect body with your mind.因为当你碰触她完美的身体时 心灵震颤

And Jesus was a sailor 耶稣曾是个水手
When he walked upon the water 他在水上行走时
And he spent a long time watching 会久久凝视
From his lonely wooden tower 他那孤寂的木堡
And when he knew for certain 当他确信
Only drowning men could see him 只有溺水的人才能看见他
He said "All men will be sailors then
Until the sea shall free them" 他说:若大海还你自由,每个人都能成为水手。
But he himself was broken 而他自己却早早破碎
Long before the sky would open 在天色打开前
Forsaken, almost human 被遗弃 几乎变成了人
He sank beneath your wisdom like a stone 他沉石般没入人们的智慧

And you want to travel with him 你愿和他一起旅行
And you want to travel blind 到处游走
And you think maybe you’ll trust him 也许可以把心给他
For he’s touched your perfect body with his mind. 因为你当你置身在他的光中 心灵震颤

Now Suzanne takes your hand 苏珊握住你的手
And she leads you to the river 带你去河边
She is wearing rags and feathers 她穿着救济的破烂衣裳
From Salvation Army counters 来自旧衣回收站
And the sun pours down like honey 但太阳却把阳光像蜜一样撒在她身上
On our lady of the harbour 我的河岸女神
And she shows you where to look 她指给你看
Among the garbage and the flowers 杂草和野花丛中
There are heroes in the seaweed 海藻上的英雄
There are children in the morning 清晨中的儿童
They are leaning out for love 他们都伸展着身躯渴望着爱
And they will lean that way forever 永远都会
While Suzanne holds the mirror 苏珊照着镜子

And you want to travel with her 你愿和她一起旅行
And you want to travel blind 到处游走
And you know that you can trust her 你知道你可以把心交给她
For she’s touched your perfect body with her mind. 因为当她碰触你完美的身体时 心灵震颤